The new Michael Kors Access watch: unboxing and review

The new Michael Kors Access watch: unboxing and review

Today I bring you a subject that is exciting for all fashion lovers who are also interested in technology, like me!

If you enjoy keeping up to date with new technology and get all excited about new releases, you probably know about smart watches. The Apple watch is probably the most known of smart watches but there is a series of other brands that produce them and you can easily find a good selection in all technology stores.

The thing is, if you are also a fashion lover, or if you simply enjoy wearing beautiful things, you might be disappointed with the appearance of these watches. Sure you can find different designs but they all look very “techy” and just are not very pretty in general. Also there is not a lot of “feminine versions”.

After saying this, I have to admit that Apple has some pretty nice options in case you want to look more fashionable, but they are very very expensive.

So all of this has put me off of buying a smart watch, until finally, Michael Kors came up with the concept of “wearable technology” and recently launched their new smart watch that comes in a variety of colours, for men and women.

Isn’t this brilliant?? Finally, a smart watch that is beautiful and that will help dress up your outfit!

I opted for the rose gold version just because I am obsessed with rose gold at the moment. Check it out!

The watch comes in a nice white box (kind of hard to open) and inside there is also a magnetic charger and a buckle in the same colour of the watch, that I can use in case I decide to buy a different band later. Each new band costs £40.

The Michael Kors Access watch has Android software, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use all it’s features as it may not be compatible with my iPhone.

Thankfully the lady at the store clarified that the watch synchronizes with both iPhone and Android, and that the only problem of using an iPhone is that it wouldn’t allow me to use the watch to make an actual call, as it would with an Android phone. But everything else works perfectly and I wasn’t let down.

When starting my watch, it asked me to install an app – Android Wear, to allow it to synchronize with my phone. Once installed, it gives me some tips on how to use the watch and allows me to choose different faces and download new ones.

Even the faces that already come with the watch are customizable, you can choose different colours for your background, for the letters and numbers.

I opted for the Notes face, with a blue background and rose gold letters. But I can change it at any time to match my outfits!

The watch senses movement, so when you are not looking at your watch only the time shows up on the screen, but as soon as you turn your arm to look at it, it lights up and unlocks.

Take a look at all the faces you can choose from.

Most of them are customizable so you can match it with your outfits!

(Apologies as my camera makes the whites on the screen look very bluish)

Also, I already downloaded 3 other options!

If the watch is synchronized with your phone, it will notify you of any new messages, and if you keep swiping up, it will also show you other social media notifications, the weather, etc.

And if you swipe left, it will show you all the apps, such as Google, Agenda, Alarm, Fit, etc.

When clicking Google, it will ask you to speak, so you can actually speak and ask google about whatever, and you will be able to see it on your watch or on your phone.

If you click on Michael Kors Access – it will allow you to personalize your looks and will also allow you to set up a mode for day and another one for night. So you can have a specific look for when your working during the day, and after 6 pm it will change to a more casual one.

If you swipe down, you will see how much more battery you have left and it will let you turn your notifications on and off.

So, isn’t it amazing? Not only it is a beautiful designer watch but it also has all the other functions of another smart watch.

Here is an example of how I style my watch by matching it with other rose gold jewellery.

I have to say this watch is a bit bigger than what I am used to, but after having it on it doesn’t bother me at all, and I it’s the perfect size to be able to read clearly.

The only downside for me is that, having an iPhone, I can’t use my watch to make actual calls…But hey, that’s why I have my phone right?

Anyway I’m super happy with this purchase, and I hope this helped you in case you weren’t sure if this is or not the watch you are looking for.

In my case, this it is exactly what I was waiting for and well done for Michael Kors!

Here is were you can find out more and buy the Michael Kors Access Watch —> Click to open

Feel free to ask me any questions!


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