How to decorate? 6 tips to help you style your space!

How to decorate? 6 tips to help you style your space!

A lot of people love beautifully styled houses and would love to be able to create a beautiful space, but they have a hard time visualising different layouts and how different items will contribute to the final design.

So today I decided to share some of the tricks I’ve learned and that have been helping me improve my own home décor.


1. What is the room going to be used for?


Whether you are decorating your bedroom, living room, dining room or any other room in you home, think first of what that room is actually going to be used for and for how many people.

For example, if you live in a small house and don’t have space for an office, your dining room may sometimes be used to sit down and get some work done on your laptop, or it can also be used as a space to study.

Again, your bedroom might also need to fit in a desk if you don’t want to be working in your dining table.

When it comes to your living room, think of how many people you need to sit, is it a space that you would like to keep more formal or is it a space for entertaining your guests?

Also take into account if you have any pets, you may have to accommodate a space for them and consider fabrics that are easy to clean.

So the first step is to decide exactly what each room is going to be used for, how many people will be using it, what needs to be accommodated.



2. Get inspired


If you have a little bit more trouble visualizing different styles, it’s always good to look for some inspiration before starting to buying stuff. Go on Pinterest or make a Google search for images and see what you like. Decided what style you want, what colours you like and what is the overall look you would like to recreate in your home.

Once you decided what style your like, make a list of the things you already have in your house that suit that style and what you need to buy.

Make sure that everything you buy is suitable for your style, don’t go buying things just because they are pretty if they have nothing to do with your décor.



3. Choose a colour palette.


After you decided what style you like its time to choose in what colours you want it.

You can go monochromatic or you can go colourful, but make sure the colours you choose go well together and that they “tell the story you want to tell”.

Again, Pinterest is a great tool to help you create colour palettes. You can, for example, choose you favourite colour and then search colour palettes that include that colour, and you will find many different options and then just need to choose the one you like the most.



4. Consider the space


Take into consideration the space you have available and its features and how you can take advantage of it. Before buying a bunch of furniture make sure to measure the room and make sure that the furniture fits. Make sure that nothing is going to block any other important elements and that you can freely walk around the space without bumping into anything or constantly having to dodge your furniture.

This doesn’t mean that you need to buy tiny furniture if you have a small room, this is actually a bad idea as it will make your room feel even smaller. Buy real size furniture but just make sure that it fits properly into the room.



5. Create a focal point


A focal point is the first thing someone looks at or pays attention to when they walk into the room. For example, in a living room it could be the fire place, or the TV. In a bedroom it is usually the bed.

Depending on the room, the focal point will be a different thing and it can be obvious to define or not so much.

What ever it is, make sure to make it beautiful. You can get a beautiful TV stand for your living room and style it with some cool objects, or hang your TV on top of the fireplace and make a statement of that wall. For your bedroom you can opt for a bed with a beautiful upholstered headboard, or maybe hang some wall art and add a beautiful selection of cushions to your bed.



6. Tell a story


So when I told you to make sure the colours you choose “tell the story you want to tell”, this actually applies to everything in the room you are styling.

What I mean by this is that you should try and create a theme for your room, a “story” that will be “told” repeatedly by different pieces in your room.

Make sure that everything you get into the room you are styling is contributing to the story and that each piece is complementing each other.










I hope these tips helped you and inspired you to start decorating and transforming your space into the home of your dreams!


Have fun decorating!


(All images from Pinterest)

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