How to make your bedroom look like a 5-star Hotel room

How to make your bedroom look like a 5-star Hotel room

We all love how comfortable and nice hotel rooms look, the huge white immaculate bed, with fluffy pillows, and how simple but elegant the décor is. Wouldn’t it be nice to make our own bedroom look and feel like that? Here are some tips to get very close!

Get a nice noticeable headboard

It can be a padded headboard or a large wooden one that extends to the bedside tables, but get one that is noticeable and eye-catching and make it your focal point in the room.


Get white bedding

Hotel rooms almost always have white bedding because it makes the room feel more clean and fresh. Getting white bedding is the easiest way to make your room look more like a hotel room, but make sure that your bed is always well made and stretched to almost perfection.


Pillows and cushions

Wen it comes to pillows, make sure that you have at least 4. Hotel rooms always have more than just 2, as there is people who prefer to sleep with 2 instead of just one. Also, it helps make the bed feel more comfortable and inviting. You can opt for putting them on top of each other or in front of each other.

In terms of decorative cushions, don’t over do it, most hotel rooms only have a couple, but you can opt for more as long as it doesn’t look to busy.


Add a bed spread

Most hotel rooms have a bed spread folded on the foot of the bed, in case the guest are cold they can use it. Also, considering the bedding is white, it adds some colour to the bed.


Keep it neutral

When it comes to colour, give preference to neutral colours such as beige, cream, black, brown, grey…If you love stronger colours you can use them as well but try not to mix to much, keep it simple.



To look like a hotel room, your bedroom should be as symmetrical as possible. Start by getting matching bedside tables and lamps.




Again, don’t over do it. Hotel room décor is very simple, you can hang some wall art, get a nice armchair if you have the space, a nice area rug under or in front of the bed (depending on how much space you have), but make sure to stick to your neutral colour palette and that the décor is simple and elegant.



And that’s it! If you follow these steps you will you be very close to having your own “hotel room”. It almost makes you want to stay in bed and order room service right?


Have fun decorating!


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