Christmas Edition: Decorating your Christmas Tree

Christmas Edition: Decorating your Christmas Tree

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while and I am sorry, but I am back just in time for…Christmas!! For the next few weeks until Christmas my posts will be related to Christmas and how to get your home ready for it!

So today I’m starting with the Christmas Tree! I though I could give you some ideas of different ways to decorate your tree, I hope you enjoy and find it useful.


Typical Christmas red

Everyone knows that red is the colour of Christmas, usually combined with green, gold or white. If you decorate your three using red or this combination of colours you can make sure to have your home feeling very very christmassy!


Winter white

Some people are not fond of red, or simply don’t think red goes well with the rest of their décor. So another way to make you feel just as christmassy is to use white. White reminds us of winter and snow, making us feel like we are in a cabin on a mountain. This tree décor is especially nice in a Scandinavian décor or combined with faux fur blankets and rugs.



Mixing all colours can also look very festive! A lot of people love their tree to be super colourful and it looks great, just let your imagination run free!


One colour only

I guess the white winter tree can fit into this category, but what I’m referring to is when someone chooses to decorate their tree with the main colour of the colour palette in the room. For example, if blue is the main colour of the colour palette in your living room, you may not feel comfortable with having a red and gold tree, and you may choose to decorate it with blue as well. This final result can be very beautiful and elegant, just make sure in the end it doesn’t become boring!


Not your typical green tree

If you want to do something different, you can also get a fake tree that is not your typical green tree. It has become more and more common to have trees that are white, pink, black or even other colours and, if you do it right, it can look great!

DYI Christmas trees

If for some reason you are not a fan of traditional Christmas trees, or if you just want to do something different this year, there are a lot of different and amazing options and you can easily DIY them.


So, what is your favourite?

I hope you liked this post and that you were inspired to create or decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree you ever had in your home!


Have fun decorating!


(all images from Pinterest)

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