Christmas Edition: 6 Ways to set a beautiful Christmas table on a budget

Christmas Edition: 6 Ways to set a beautiful Christmas table on a budget

Christmas is the time of the year to gather all your loved ones for a perfect meal, but the perfect Christmas lunch/dinner is not just about cooking delicious food but also about a beautifully decorated table!

The problem is that Christmas is also the time of spending too much money on gifts, food, etc., so not everyone can or want to invest in luxury decorations or tableware.


Today I bring you 6 affordable suggestions on how to decorate your Christmas table depending on the number of guests, if it’s actual Christmas day with your family or a Christmas dinner party for your friends.


1. This is a very good way to set your Christmas table if you have a big table or not too many guests.

Using charger plates makes your table look more luxurious and more put together, but if your table is not to big or if you have too many guests for the size of your table, these may be a waste of space, as they are usually much bigger than regular plates.

On the other hand, if you have the space, this an inexpensive way to give your table some interest, mostly if you don’t have the budget to go buying expensive Christmas plates and just want to use your regular plain ones. The charger plates I used were only £1 at Poundland (red ones) and also £1 at Wilko (gold ones).

Regarding the table cloth, you can use a plane red or gold one, but I had this beautiful one from Zara Home that was only £25 (150cm x 250cm) and I really like it because I love the typical contrast of red and gold, and even though is very Christmassy is not to overboard in your face Christmas.

The napkins are simple, but because they are gold they add a nice little touch, and these were only £2 at Wilko (for 20 napkins).

Finally, I improvised a centrepiece using an IKEA bowl that I already had, a Candles and pines that I also already had from previous years and that were bought at the 99p store (I’m sure you can find similar ones this year at Poundland).



2. This way of setting up your table is great if you’re are having a Christmas party for friends or if you have a huge family and have trouble fitting everyone in your small table.

I used the same table cloth but instead of using my regular day to day plates I bought these plastic plates on eBay (£16 for 30 plates). These plates are great because they are smaller – leaving more space available at the table – and also because they have beautiful gold detail – making it feel more Christmassy – and because they are plastic, so not only you can buy lots and not worry about the cost or were to store them later, but you also won’t need to worry if they get ruined because you will throw them away later anyway.

For the centre piece I used a lovely candle from Marks and Spencer (£12) and some pines around it from 99p store.



3. The plate setting and centre piece of this one is basically the same as the first table, and it applies to the same situations. The difference is that instead of using a table cloth I used a table runner from Primark (£5).

Using a table runner is a good way to make your table look more sophisticated but make sure to use placemats or plate chargers for the plates that are not on top of the table runner otherwise you risk damaging your table (and it looks better).

To give it a special touch, instead of placing the cutlery on the sides of the plate like before, I put them inside of little Christmassy bags that my mom gave me years ago, so unfortunately I can not advise you on where get them but you can use something similar or you can wrap your cutlery on the napkins and have a similar effect.



4. This table setting is great if you are having a romantic Christmas dinner or if you are setting the table for few guests. The placemats under the plate chargers occupy a great part of the table, so unless you have a huge table I would not advise setting your table like this if you are having lots of people over. Also, this is a table setting that feels more intimate, and by adding a few tea candles it makes it look super romantic and cosy.



5. This is a very festive way of decorating your table, and it is great if you love to go overboard with your Christmas decorations.

This table cloth is super Christmassy, and even though I bought it years ago, I’m sure you can easily find something similar.

I used the plastic plates again because I think this setting will be great for informal Christmas parties, or again, if you have a huge family. Also I think the gold details of the plates add some sophistication to the table.

I kept the centre piece vey simples as I thought that was already too much going on, so I only used a couple of tea candles and added a few small pines around them.



6. This last Christmas table setting is again great for either a romantic Christmas dinner or for a big family dinner in case you have a big table and many equal table runners.

In the case of a big family dinner, you just need to repeat the setting across the table as many times you need and it will look beautiful.

Because this setting looks so elegant I wanted the centre piece to be simple, so I only used the Christmas candle from Marks and Spencer.



So these are my 6 affordable suggestions on how to set and decorate your Christmas table.

Find bellow a list of the things I used and could find online:


Plain white plates:

Red plate charger:

Gold plate charger:

Gold napkins:

IKEA gold bowl:

Zara table cloth:

Plastic plates:

Primark Table runner:,R35397118905309



I really hope you enjoyed it and use these ideas to create a beautiful Christmas table and make your Christmas lunch/ dinner even more enjoyable.


Have fun decorating!

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