Travel to Budapest

Travel to Budapest

Budapest was magical!

Me and my friends went to Budapeste in January 2017 and it was both the best and worse idea ever!

Let me explain first why it was a bad idea:

It was soooooooo cold! I can not explain how cold it was…actually I can: it was an average of -4 degrees!!

Maybe that is not too bad for you if you are used to it, but for a Portuguese that usually thinks it’s cold when it’s 15 degrees outside, this was too much!

But it was also the best idea ever, because it was simply beautiful. I had never been in a place before were there was so much snow. Everything was covered in white and I loved it.

Also the city is very cool, lots of things to do, places to see, good restaurants to eat.

One afternoon we went to the Thermal Spa and it was one of the best experiences I ever had. Being on a 30 degree pool when it’s -7 degrees outside feels sooo god 🙂

The city is not super expensive but I wouldn’t say is super cheap either, at least compared to Portugal.

The Vlog is in Portuguese but I hope you can still enjoy it and that you will watch until the end because I made sure to film all the beautiful sceneries.

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