6 Ways to make your home look expensive and luxurious on a budget

6 Ways to make your home look expensive and luxurious on a budget

It can be hard to make your home look and feel glamorous when you are on a budget, but there are a few things that can be done to make it look like you have spent more money on your décor than you actually did.

1.     Metallic and mirrored objects

Mirrored furniture has a very luxurious feel, but it can be very expensive. The best way to achieve the same feeling without spending so much is to have at least one piece of furniture or to use objects like that to decorate your space. Same thing with metallic, choose items/pieces of furniture with silver or gold finish.

2.     Hang your curtains high

Even if your windows are literally in the middle of your wall, make sure to hang your curtains high, preferably at ceiling height.

If you notice, all luxurious homes have high ceilings and windows, so if you hang your curtains high, it will give the illusion of having a high ceiling and window.

3.     Full Cushions

Again, you will notice that all luxuries homes have full and bulky cushions. There is nothing less aesthetic than flat and floppy cushions, so make sure to pick up good ones.

4.     Neutral tones

This doesn’t mean you can’t use pinch of colour, but decorating you home with mainly neutral colours like white and grey will definitely make it feel more luxurious.

5.     Faux fur

Having faux fur blankets and rugs not only makes your home feel expensive but also super cosy. It is that special touch your home needs to make it extra glamorous.

6.     Organisation

Having your house organised without any mess showing is definitely essential if you want to have your home looking luxurious.  Make sure all surfaces are tidy and clear of any mess.

I hope your found these tips useful and have fun decorating!

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