Office Goals

Office Goals

For a while I have been wanting to change the décor of my home office. Right now it looks too…blah!

Basically me and my husband have been focusing on decorating “more important” parts of our house, and right now we are quite happy with what we have accomplished, so it is time to focus on the office.

The other day I was going through Pinterest looking for inspiration and I have put together a few pictures that reflect what my dream office would look like, so I though I would share it with you!

My dream office would definitely have a white desk with gold legs, same for the chair. The desk would be in the same position as this one, so not against a wall but in the middle of the room, in front of the window and facing the door.

Obviously a Mac computer would be ideal as they are so pretty, but I don’t think that is going to happened since I already have two laptops and don’t really need another computer…but I can dream!!

Also I love the colours of the rug…just look at it! It is beautiful! I love the combination of grey and blush, so I’m going to start looking for a similar rug to this one.

I love the idea of having this wired wall thing…I don’t know what it’s called but it is a brilliant idea! I could hang pictures of me and my friends, also inspiration pictures, etc..

This one is white but I would probably paint it gold or rose gold.

I also love the idea of having fresh flowers in my office. Since I work mainly from home, having beautiful fresh flowers would make me feel more energised and fresh, I believe.

I also like the idea of the mirror, if the desk was big enough it could be a desk and a dressing table at the same time!

Again, you can see the blush colour with the grey, I love this look! And I like the idea of having extra seating in my office, in case someone wants to join me.

Having a chair or a small sofa would be ideal, and the plant next to it…perfection!

I found this picture of rose gold office supplies and I just love the idea! They are beautiful and useful, the perfect combination for a home office.

Obviously I would need somewhere to store all my stuff, and I actually already have one of these IKEA shelves, so I could just get another one.

I like how simple this idea is but how glamourous it looks with this décor. It is as simples as putting two shelves together, some cool boxes, a gold tray and some gold frames.


And of course, to complete the décor, I would need a faux fur rug somewhere, whether it’s on the floor or on the chair, because it adds such a charm and glamour to any space.

So what do you think? Should I go for this kind of décor? Do you have any other suggestions?

As soon as I am done with my home office I will make sure to share pictures 🙂

(All images from Pinterest)

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