GlossyBox April 2017 - Review of all the Products

GlossyBox April 2017 - Review of all the Products

Today I decided to review all of this months’ GlossyBox products for you!

I have to say I wasn’t impressed by any of them when I first got them. For some reason my first impression was that these products just weren’t right for me, but the truth is that after testing them my opinion changed completely for most of them!

List of products:

Sportfx Shape Up Brow Pencil 
Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner
Radial Glamolash Mascara XXL
Model Contour Stick
Merci Handy “Oh my lemon” hand cleansing gel 




Model Contour Stick

I usually use powders to contour, so I was curious to try a stick for the first time. I have to say that when I first used it in my hand I was afraid it was a bit too orange and it wouldn’t look natural, but after I finished blending I was impressed!

By the way, this product has a beautiful scent!

I first applied the product on the sides of my forehead, my cheeks, nose and jawline and then started blending with my beauty blender. It wasn’t the easiest thing to blend but it wasn’t hard work either, and I quite liked the end result.



So this is how it looked after blending. It gave me a very bronzed look and I like it! It feels more like a summer product for this reason, even though it’s natural it still feels a bit to much of a warm colour for winter…

Did I liked the product? Yes! Will I continue to use it? Definitely! Would I pay to repurchase? Not sure yet… I think I might still prefer powders :p


Sportfx Shape Up Brow Pencil

I was curious to try this product right away! I have been using the Eylure Brow pencil for a long time and was ready to try new things.

At first I found the consistency a bit strange, because even though it’s a pencil it feels more like wax in a way.

On one side there is a brush – very useful – and on the other one there is the actual pencil.


The color was perfect for me and I loved how natural and full my eyebrows looked in the end. I love this product because not only it fills my brows, but also keeps them in place, so I no longer feel the need to use a brow gel.

Also, it is incredible how the product lasted all day, looking perfect until the end.

I definitely recommend this one and will repurchase it!



Radial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Mascara…I’m a bit difficult when it comes to Mascara, and even though I believe this will be a great product for most people, it just isn’t for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it will work great for most people, but as you can see the brush is very thick (and most people love it like this), but I have small eyes and small lashes, so this kind of brushes are difficult for me to use, and I always get the impression that I’m not able to use it properly.

As you can see the final result is actually good, but it took me many coats to get to this and I actually managed to get mascara on my eyelids too.


Again, if you like mascaras with thick brushes, please try it, but if you are like me and prefer thiner brushes, you might feel like I feel.

Still prefer my roller lash mascara from Benefit 🙂


Merci Handy “Oh my lemon” hand cleansing gel

What can I say about a hand cleansing gel?…Not a lot! Still it managed to impress me!

It obviously smells beautifully like lemon, but what really impressed me was that it feels more like water then a gel. For me this e a good thing, because I usually hate the sticky feeling I get after using other hand gels, but this one wasn’t sticky at all and I loved that!


Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner

Finally the product that impressed me the most! Oh How I was sure I was going to hate this product! Couldn’t be more wrong…

I thought it was just like those 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioners, and those are not good for me because I get greasy roots. I was sure that after using this my hair would look greasy and dull.

Even whilst I was washing my hair, it just felt wrong. Even though the scent is gorgeous, this product doesn’t foam, so I felt like it wasn’t cleaning my hair at all!

But oh my god how I was impressed after my hair was dry!! My hair felt super clean, super shiny and voluminous!

The only “bad” thing I have to say, is that I have the feeling it lasts less then other shampoos, because the fact that it doesn’t foam makes me feel like I have to use more!

But still, if I’m only buying one product instead of two, it might be worth it!

I’m super super happy with this one!



So this is my review of these products, I hope it helps you in case you are not sure if you should get them!

If you have used any of these products please let me know your thoughts!


Thanks for reading!!

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