We bought a drone!!

We bought a drone!!

My husband had been dreaming about a drone for a long long time. To be honest I wanted one too, but I wasn’t ready to spend that much money on a Drone, considering we are not professional videographers or famous Youtubers…

I believe that even if you really want something you should sleep on it before you buy it, and let’s just say we slept on it for more than a year!

Even though my youtube channel is still super small, and I know nothing about filming or video, I’ve been really enjoying the process of filming and editing my videos. I have found myself wanting to take a course and learn more about it, as it is very satisfying to have an ideia and turn it into a cool video.

On top of this, my husband who simply loves any kind of gadgets, was still obsessing about it, so we went for it.

Sérgio watched lots of videos and read a lot about it and I left it to him to decide what would be the best drone for us.

After a lot of research, considering quality and price, we decided for the Parrot Bebop2.

After ordering it from Amazon and receiving it at home very quickly, we went to Richmond Park to test it (it is one of the few places in London where we can fly a drone).

This drone is super small and light so it is easy to take  it anywhere (and that was the idea since we want to take it with us on holiday). It is also very easy to fly, even I could do it without lots of practice.

But we are still learning and we hope to get better at it, but here is some off the footage of that day.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ana Martins

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