July Favourites 2017 - Makeup, Fashion and Food

July Favourites 2017 - Makeup, Fashion and Food

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Today I’m sharing with you my favourites of July 2017!

Usually I do this on my youtube channel on a video, but this month I decided to share it with you here in the blog, I hope you like it 🙂

My July favourites are all things that I have been obsessively using throughout the month and that I absolutely love. All of them are things that I only started using this month but that I intend to use until the end of summer (some of them even after that).


1. Melissa Shoes

You know I am all about comfortable shoes. On my video of June Favourites I mentioned Ipanema Sandals that I absolutely love and have been wearing for years, because they are super comfortable and fashionable. This month I discovered Melissa Sandals, which are just as fashionable but even more comfortable.

To be honest I have known about this brand for a long time, but I never got around buying a pair, I have no idea why. I had heard more then once that it is a great brand with good quality beautiful shoes, so I don’t know why I never got into a store before!

In the beginning of July I went shopping in the centre of London and came across Melissa’s store in Convent Garden and decided to go in, with no intention to buy, just to look around…

I ended up trying these two pairs you see in the picture bellow and falling in love. You wouldn’t believe just how comfortable there are!

Obviously I only wanted one pair and ended up deciding to buy the brown ones, only because I thought they would go with more outfits.

I brought these home and was super happy with them but couldn’t stop thinking about the other ones, the nude pink ones. After a couple of weeks I decided to order these as well.

I wouldn’t say these are the cheapest shoes ever, but believe me when I say they are worth it.

If you are like me and can not wear uncomfortable shoes but still want to look put together, try Melissa Shoes, you will never want anything else.


2. Grain Free Granola

To be honest I have nothing against granola with grains or cereals, but since trying this one I never came back to eating another kind of granola.

A lot of people have adopted a Paleo diet and this granola is great if this is your case. But even if it’s not, try it. This granola is full of good stuff for you and it is simply delicious. There are other flavours as well and are just as great.

I personally like to eat it with almond milk, some fruit like strawberries, blueberries or banana, and some goji berries. It it sooo delicious!


3. KIKO Skin Trainer CC Blur

The lady from KIKO sold me this as being a primer, but after using it a few times and reading carefully the packaging this is actually a CC cream, and I have no problem with that!

You know how foundation is not usually my favourite thing, so this is just one more excuse not to wear it 🙂

I love this product, is light in the skin, the colour is a perfect match, it really blurs out imperfections, and it has a matte finish, which is great for someone with oily skin like me.

As you can see in the picture bellow, after applying this product my skin looks less oily and with a more even tone, but it still looks super natural like I have nothing on. Perfect for day to day make up!


4. RIMMEL London Dream Cushion Foundation

I know, I know…I just said I am not the biggest fan of foundation…but this is the exception! I am super impressed with this foundation, and as usual I am late to the party when it comes to cushion foundations as everyone already know they are great.

This is the only one I have tried so far and I am in love. It is super easy to apply (I apply it with my real techniques sponge), it is also the perfect match to my skin colour, it has a super natural finish even though it has good coverage, and it has a matte finish. I love it!


5. Lancôme Juicy Shaker

Again, I know I’m late to the party with this one, but better late than never!

I’ve heard so many good things about this product and they are all true! This is a lip oil that has a bit of colour in it. I don’t remember what is the name of the colour I got but it is the darker one.

This product is perfect to treat the skin of your lips, make them soft, but also to add a little something to you everyday makeup. You can use it to complement a very natural look, or on top of a bold lip just to make it extra juicy 🙂

I usually use this product on it’s own and I love how it looks, super natural but beautiful. Even though it has a glossy finish, it’s not sticky at all, it is actually super comfortable on the lips.


6. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

And finally my favourite product of all, the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette that I have been dreaming about.

I saw a few Youtubers and Bloggers talk about this palette even before it came out to the public, and I was in love instantly. And so did many other girls, because I got this palette on the day it came out and it was already the last one!! I’m so glad I got there in time to pick up the last one 🙂

The colours are obviously all warm tones, some matte, some shimmery, and all so beautiful.

All the shades are super pigmented, very easy to apply, but just like all of the other Urban Decay palettes, the shadows tend to fall out a little bit. For me this is not a huge problem, I just need to be a bit careful and I am good to go!

This is de make up look I did with this palette the other day. I opted for something very simple but pretty. I think these warm colours go so well with brow eyes! What do you think?

If you want a more in depth review of this palette, let me know!


I hope you enjoyed this brief review of my favourite products of the months of July, feel free to comment and ask anything about these products!

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