Home Decor: The new things in my Home + favourite homeware shops and interior design blogs

Home Decor: The new things in my Home + favourite homeware shops and interior design blogs

You all know by now that I love home decor and interior design. I also believe that what surrounds us play an important part on how we feel and how we perform. For these reasons, having a beautiful home, that reflects my personality and where I feel calm and inspired is very very important to me.

I spend hours looking through Pinterest, blogs about interior design and websites of homeware stores, looking for inspiration. Obviously this always end in a few purchases 🙂

So today I wanted to show you some of the new things in my home, and more importantly, how I decided to incorporate them in my decor:


  1. Dome with gold base – Ikea (£12)

Since the new Beauty & the Beast film came out I have been seeing these domes everywhere! Honestly I love this trend, it’s sophisticated and you can be super creative with it.

I must recognise I wasn’t the most creative I could have been…as a rose under the dome is so obvious! But I intend to style it differently very soon, I just need to find the perfect piece of decor to put under it first. Until then, a rose will do 🙂

Home Decor
Dome with gold base – IKEA


2. Gold and turquoise clock – Marks & Spencer Home (£15)

I didn’t go to Marks & Spencer with the intention to buy a clock, I was actually looking for some beautiful artificial flowers. But when I first saw this little gold and turquoise clock I new I just had to get it! It goes perfectly with the colour palette in my living room, it is super cute, and useful!

Home Decor
Gold and turquoise clock – Marks & Spencer Home


3. Artificial greenery – Marks & Spencer Home (£6)

This is actually something I was looking for. I’ve had this gold vase for a long time and nothing to put in it. I knew Marks & Spencer make some really good artificial plants and flowers (very realistic) and I found exactly what I wanted.

I can’t have real plants at home because my cats tend to eat them or just ruin them, so artificial ones are the best choice for me. They are a nice to way to add colour and even though they are fake, it feels like they bring life to this space.

Home Decor
Artificial greenery – Marks & Spencer Home


Home Decor
Artificial greenery – Marks & Spencer Home


4. Gold Tray – H&M Home (£12.99)

I like to have a few bottles of nice drinks on display. I don’t really drink that much but I like how it looks and I love to have some drinks to offer to guests. For this reason I wanted to find a nice way of displaying them, so I thought using a tray would be a nice way to do it.

I went to H&M Home because I know they have nice but affordable things. They had many choices of gold trays, but this is the one I picked. Not too big, not too small, and a nice colour of gold (sometimes is too yellow).

Home Decor
Gold tray – H&M Home


5. Basket – H&M Home (£17.99)

Baskets are a great way to store blankets, extra cushions or even to hide some unaesthetic cords you might have laying around from your TV, computer, etc.

I love how cosy this one makes my living room look, and in it I chose to store my cat’s toys, an extra cushion and a faux fur rug from IKEA.

Home Decor
Basket – H&M Home


6. Faux Fur rug – IKEA (£10)

I love these rugs from IKEA, they are pretty, they are cosy, and they are very affordable. I actually bought it to put it on my sofa, but since it’s still summer I will wait a bit longer. Until then I will keep it inside my new basket and I think it look pretty good.

Home Decor
Faux Fur Rug – IKEA


7. Plates – Tesco (£6)

I bought 4 new plates, two bigger ones and two smaller ones.

I didn’t buy these to have my meals in them, I bought them as serving plates. So whenever I have friends over I can serve a few bits in them, like cheese, biscuits, etc..

They go really well with my colour palette was well (mainly turquoise), and I think these patterns are super cute. There were also bowls and mugs to match, but I already have enough of those 🙂

Home Decor
Plates – Tesco

So what do you think of the new things in my home and how I chose to incorporate them in my decor?

In case you want to shop any of these things, here is the list:

Dome – IKEA

Clock – Marks & Spencer Home

Artificial greenery – Marks & Spencer Home

Gold Tray – H&M Home

Basket – H&M Home

Faux Fur Rug – IKEA

Plates – Tesco


If you are looking for inspiration, here are some of my favourite Interior Design and Home Decor Blogs:

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The Decorista

Apartment Therapy

Little Green Notebook


Also, these are a few of my favourite homeware shops:

H&M Home

Marks & Spencer Home

Oliver Bonas


Zara Home



A Loja do Gato Preto (Portugal)


Thank for reading and have fun decorating!


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