My "No Makeup" Routine - Skin Care, Hair and Outfit

My "No Makeup" Routine - Skin Care, Hair and Outfit

Today I want to tell you about my “no makeup” routine, cause I do have one.

I think that by now you all know I love makeup. I love to experiment with makeup and try out new makeup looks. But to be completely honest, I love no makeup days just as much!

The truth is that sometimes I just can’t be bothered with makeup. Sometimes I might feel a bit lazy or I might just want to feel comfortable, and other days I just want to give my skin a break.

Just because I don’t feel like wearing makeup it doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good (or at least try), so this is what I do to feel good and look my best even if I’m not wearing any makeup:

1. Skin Care

Skin care is important to me everyday, wether I’m wearing makeup or not. But I feel that if I’m giving my skin a break from makeup, it is also a good opportunity to take extra care of my skin.

To cleanse my skin I’m loving the Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel without soap. It can be used on your whole body but I actually only use it on my face. This is great for oily skin, as it’s very mattifying. Since I started using it my skin has been looking so much better.

After cleansing, I always like to tone my skin, and I always use the Garnier Fresh Aloe Toner. It really helps with tightening pores, finishes cleansing and it doesn’t leave my skin oily at all.

After my skin is all clean and toned, I really enjoy using my thermal water from Avène. It just makes my face feel fresh and it has been really helping with my rosacea. Thermal water has a purifying effect and antioxidant properties and I have definitely noticed the difference since I started using it.

Before I apply my moisturiser, I apply the Oolution Eye Love cream for under eye dark circles. This is an essential step for me, mostly if I’m not wearing any makeup. Dark circles are something that I really struggle with and I need to do something about them if I’m not wearing any concealer.

no makeup routine
Skin Care

When it comes to moisturiser, for no makeup days I’ve been really loving the In Transit Camera Close Up from This Works. It works as a moisturiser, a mask and a primer, so it would be perfect for makeup days as well. I love it because it leaves my skin feeling dewey (without looking oily) and it reduces signs of fatigue.

Sometimes, if I feel like I need more of a blur effect, I could also use the Garnier Smoothing Perfecting Primer. Being a primer, it would be perfect for days when I’m wearing makeup, as it helps prepare the skin for makeup and makes it last longer. But I also like to use it when I’m not wearing makeup, ’cause those are the days when the blur effect is more needed. It actually helps reduce the visibility of imperfections and makes my skin smooth and matte.

no makeup routine
Creams and primers

If I feel that I need at least some coverage, I might use the Perfect Skin Optical Corrector from KIKO. This product is a CC cream and it has a bit of tint in it, but I like it because even thought it provides some coverage, it looks like I have no makeup on.

no makeup routine
Before and After using CC cream from KIKO

But today I’m only wearing the moisturiser from This Works.


2. Hair

On no makeup days I like to take care of my hair. I’m not the best person at doing amazing hairstyles, it is definitely not one of my talents. But I like to at least try and do something to feel a bit more put together.

I usually wash my hair with the volumizing shampoo from Aussie, and I also use the same conditioner. I like these because I don’t have a lot of hair, so I do everything to get a bit more volume. After washing and drying my hair I usually like to use dry shampoo right away. This helps to give texture to my hair and prevents it from getting getting oily.

Depending on what I feel like my hair needs that day, I might use the dry shampoo from the same Aussie range, cause it really helps with lifting the roots. Or I might use the 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner from Batiste, cause it really helps smooth my hair and it smells beautifully.

I always use my Tangle Teaser to brush my hair and I might straighten it if I feel the need to.

Also depending on the state of my hair and my mood, I might try to style my hair. Today I opted for a half up do that you will see bellow.

no makeup routine
Hair products


3. Outfit

A cute outfit is essential for me on no makeup days, as it helps me feel more put together. But comfort is also important, and since I’m not wearing any makeup, I don’t want to go to overboard with my outfit, so simplicity is key.

Today I picked some jeans from M&S and a black off the shoulder top from Boohoo. Simple but cute.



no makeup routine
Today’s outfit


5. Accessories

This is where I usually put most off my efforts. I have been really into accessories lately and I think they can really dress up an outfit.

I love matching black with gold so I opted for my gold Michael Kors cross-body bag. I’ve had it for years and I am just as in love with it as I was when I first bought it.

Sunglasses are essencial for my no makeup days, as there is no better way to hide dark circles and look fashionable at the same time than with sunglasses. I opted for my new Prada sunglasses that I bought recently and that I am obsessed with, they are also black and gold.

I chose a bracelet, earrings and ring from Swarovski. I love their stuff because everything is so beautiful and delicate.

I also opted for my Michael Kors watch and a necklace from H&M.

no makeup routine


6. Lips

Even though I’m not wearing lipstick, I hate feeling my lips dry. So lately I have been using the Juicy Shaker from Lancôme. This is not makeup, it is actually a lip oil that has just a bit of tint in it.

I love how it looks and how it leaves my lips feeling “juicy” 🙂

no makeup routine
Applying Juicy Shaker

And this is the complete look, what do you say?

I am definitely not the most fashionable person in the world and I always like to go for simple looks that are easy to put together. But I definitely put some effort into it ,specially if I can’t rely on makeup to look presentable.

no makeup routine
Finished look


no makeup routine
Finished look details


no makeup routine
No makeup face


no makeup routine
No makeup face


So, even though I love makeup up, no makeup days are amazing.

I definilty believe it’s possible for a woman to feel confident even without any make up on. Do you agree?

What about you? What is you “no makeup” routine?


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