I am just so proud of our Christmas Decor this year!

As you might know, we moved into this flat in June this year, and since then I’ve been working on making it feel homy, comfy and beautiful.

As an interior design enthusiast I love so many different styles and there are so many ideas going through my mind that not always go well together, but I believe that I finally managed to find my interior style and I’m so happy of how it turned out. I have definitely gone for the Scandinavian vibes, with deep green and gold accents.

But when December comes it’s time to incorporate the Christmas Decor into our all year round decor. This year I made sure to only go for Christmas decorations that would contribute to the overall vibe I was previously going for, and I was also determined to make it cosy and festive but simple at the same time.

christmas decor
Our living room christmas decor

When the time came to buy all the Christmas Tree decorations I decided to go for deep green (to match with the cushions), rose gold and white. So I definitely gave it some colour but kept it very simple and in tone with the rest of the decor.

I used a white faux fur rug from IKEA to cover the base of the tree and bought some gift bags from Wilko with the same colours of the decorations so it would all go nicely together.

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christmas decor
Our Christmas Tree

Even Pookie loved it!!

christmas decor
Pookie and the Christmas Tree
christmas decor
Pookie and the Christmas Decor

Our little Christmas Tree corner looks so festive and cosy we can not stop using it as a background for all our photos 🙂

christmas decor
Us and our Christmas Tree
christmas decor
Group photo from our Christmas Party

I hope you all loved my Christmas Decor just as much as I do and that I gave you some inspiration as well.

Down bellow I will leave 2 videos where I share with you where I got all my Christmas decorations from, also another one showing you how I’ve put everything together! I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Merry Christmas!!

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